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As  some may know, in addition to running this law firm, I am the co-founder of a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, the Special Forces Support Fund™.

The Special Forces Support Fund™ exists solely to support actively deployed Army special forces soldiers. The term “special forces” is used a bit loosely by civilians (we usually mean “special operations forces”), but in military terminology, Special Forces soldiers are Green Berets. In the same way the Navy has “Navy SEALS”, Green Berets are the United States Army Special Forces.

Operationally, Green Berets soldiers operate in very elite and unique ways. These are unconventional soldiers who are trained to work with the community in their area of deployment. In laymen’s terms, rather than quick extractions from active zones, Green Berets typically stay, building up the communities.

Green Berets are the “silent professionals”, so many non-military civilians are unfamiliar with their work. For helpful context, Green Berets are featured in the movie “12 Strong”, which tells the story of the first soldiers deployed to Afghanistan following 9/11. The film showcases the declassified story of the “Horse Soldiers”- an event where that first group of soldiers worked with the local community in Afghanistan to execute one of the most high-level counter-terrorist actions after 9/11. Today, a statue of the “horse soldiers” can be found at the September 11 Museum in NYC.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all donations made to the SFSF are tax deductible. 

Why we formed the Special Forces Support Fund™

In 2018, myself and a few other individuals  learned of a soldier who, when preparing for deployment, found out that he (as well as his team members) would have to provide some of their own critical gear for deployment, such as body armor. Upon recognizing that this is an ongoing need that most of our Army special forces soldiers face, the co-founders decided to organize a response. Hence, the Special Forces Support Fund™  was formed. 

Special Forces Support Fund Green Beret Support

What exactly does the Special Forces Support Fund™ provide? 

Elite special forces soldiers need elite equipment to complete high-priority operational missions, but unfortunately, military requests are not always processed quickly enough to supply deployed teams. 

The logistical hurdles of getting supplies to some of the nation’s most elite soldiers while on deployment is no easy feat. We are highly selective of the teams we support; they must fall under all three following categories:

  • They must be actively deployed (or preparing for deployment in the following year)
  • We must have a direct contact within the team, 
  • And we must be able to work with them far enough in advance to supply most gear before deployment

Getting the supplies and equipment to the teams is the most difficult part. After all, when deployed, these soldiers are performing some of the most dangerous and covert missions of any of our deployed soldiers, and aren’t reachable. We also work directly with our soldiers, so that gear we send doesn’t get caught up in the “red tape” of bureaucracy. 

Special Forces Support Fund Green Beret Support

For this reason, we work directly with our teams before they are deployed, so that they have all of the equipment needed before their deployment even begins. Our goal is to get as much possible equipment to the men before they are deployed, simply so that we can ensure the gear arrives. We are in direct contact with members of each team, so that we can directly respond to their own unique team needs, without a middleman. 

Finally, we maintain a reserve emergency fund, in case of critical injuries. No family should have to pay for a soldier to be sent home. 

Special Forces Support Fund Green Beret Support

Why don’t special forces soldiers have the equipment they need? What does the Special Forces Support Fund™  send? 

A large misconception is that special forces receive equipment that is the most up to date, cutting edge technology, of which there is an endless supply. While that may be true for certain weapons and other equipment, soldiers are not adequately supplied on a consistent basis with the day to day, fundamental needs. Uniforms, socks, t-shirts, boots, etc are a few examples of the fundamental pieces of equipment that they need on a consistent basis and are requested the most. What is provided through their traditional funding is neither regularly supplied nor is there enough for each soldier to have the necessary amount. Although most soldiers receive the bare minimum (some do not), their lethality increases when they are given that little extra to provide them with what they need in the most difficult times and environments. 

Ask any active duty service member, and they will confirm the same. 

For context, here are some photos of items we recently sent to one of our green beret teams. These are items that are necessary for their deployments, and they would have to purchase out of pocket. These special forces soldiers do not always get the top-tier gear they need. For example, they might receive holsters, yet these holsters do not carry enough magazines of ammunition that a special forces soldier needs to be prepared if an unexpected ambush occurred off base. Similarly, they also receive boots; however, they’re severely lacking in padding, and sometimes, waterproof material. Special forces soldiers ruck for miles upon miles, and rely heavily on their footwear. 

How can you help the Special Forces Support Fund™? 

We accept donations year-round at Additionally, the purchase of every item from our Special Forces Support Fund shop goes directly to the fund- all costs have been absorbed up front. 

Finally, for the remainder of 2021, every consultation call booked through this firm will go directly to support the fund. Consultations may be booked here.  
Thank you all for your support of the Special Forces Support Fund™, and find more about our program on Instagram at @specialforcessupportfund.

Special Forces Support Fund Green Beret Support

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