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For the business owners who are ready to own their brand...

Trademark Services

Rather than risk their brand's identity to the rest of the marketplace.

Anyone can build a business; only a select few businesses can become a brand. Trademarks protect brands- ensuring not just that your brand's name, logo, or slogan can't be used by anywhere else- it's the only way to ensure that your business' name can live on in perpetuity. You can have the best products, or provide the best services available on the market...but until your customer knows who you are, it's all for naught. 

And until you own your brand, someone else can come along and legally enjoin you from using it any longer. AKA, force you to change your brand identity. 

Don't run the risk of losing your brand to your competitor. 

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That's the non-legalese way to describe it, at least. 
Until you register your trademark, you don't really own it. You may have some common law rights to it, sure, but you'll spend exponentially more money in legal fees trying to prove that than it costs to register.
In 2019, nearly ##### of trademarks were filed in the United States...and once that name is registered, it's reserved for that business alone. What's worse- until you own your trademark, your "common law" mark could accidentally infringe upon someone else's- landing you in legal hot water at best; a forced rebrand and legal penalties at worst. 

Unless you have a registration, you're just renting your brand. 

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Typically, the most premier brands are the ones that are  infringed upon at the end of the day, and registering your trademark before infringers have the chance to act is key to protection. The trademark process is lengthy, which means that its better to act sooner than later. If you're unsure whether or not this step is right for you at this time, the due diligence option below is the proper first step, which not only acts as the "first step" of the trademark process, but is also a step every business should take prior to branding. 

Trademark Registrations 

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 I know from firsthand experience that strategically, time can be of the essence in the trademark process. Therefore, the minute a client agreement is signed, my office moves fast, to secure your trademark as expediently as possible. 

What steps can you expect?

I am fiercely protective of my clients' trademark rights. As someone who chose to personally secure their own trademark, and then just months later, had to deal with a "very curious" competitor, I learned firsthand just how grateful I was that I'd secured my own brand's identity. I have quite literally been in your shoes. 

This isn't a firm where you're just another name in a sea of clients. You'll never have to wonder who exactly is working on your trademark- it will be myself personally, the entire way...and I'll do everything in my power to be your advocate every step of the way, ensuring that you aren't my first trademark refusal (that's right, I currently have a 100% batting average with the USPTO).  

The process starts with your inquiry, and then leads directly to the due diligence search. More on that here:

I will personally be overseeing every step of your trademark process with the USPTO.